Our silver bullet: a holistic range of solutions.

Optimize longevity solutions through global collaboration and innovation. Connect healthcare providers, suppliers, and manufacturers for efficient delivery. Fund development of smart homes and inclusive communities. Ensure scientific validity and ethical solutions.
Universal Solutions Hub

Universal Solutions Hub.

We are creating global and national joint ventures that involve intellectual collaboration between national knowledge institutes, SMEs, manufacturers and software houses to optimize efficiency and affordability. We focus on collaboration, science, innovation, automation and technological advancement in order to deliver sustainable solutions and healthy longevity.

Market ecosystem.

Our IIX Market ecosystem acts as a nexus connecting various stakeholders in the longevity industry such as Healthcare Institutions and Homecare Providers with relevant Suppliers. A closed market environment focusing on delivering aging related holistic solutions but also standalone products. Via our platform we provide essential go-to-market support through manufacturing and corporate development services, facilitating the implementation of viable solutions globally and nationally.
Market ecosystem
Investment Funds and Real Estate Development

Investment Funds and Real Estate Development.

Our Investment Funds are strategically allocated to pioneer the development of innovative solutions tailored for the aging demographic, with a key focus on transforming housing into age-friendly smart homes. Additionally, this strategy encompasses the vital aspect of fostering intergenerational community development, ensuring that our real estate ventures contribute to a cohesive and inclusive living environment for all ages.

Scientific Integrity Council.

Our Scientific Integrity Council is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of scientific rigor and integrity. Their role is to meticulously evaluate solutions related to health and longevity. This ensures that our approaches are not only scientifically robust but also effectively meet our goals and maintain intellectual honesty.
Scientific Integrity Council