Beyond limits: scaling innovation for a thriving global population.

One-stop solution for all longevity needs, scalable and collaborative with efficient model. Empower local communities with global expertise and commitment to integrity and innovation.


At IIX Care, a proud subsidiary of IIX Holdings, we cherish our shared vision while celebrating our distinct role in the grander scheme.

Our journey is rooted in a common mission with IIX Holdings, yet we stand out as an autonomous entity, laser-focused on confronting the profound challenge of longevity. Our core purpose transcends the conventional; we are not just an organization, but a movement dedicated to fostering intergenerational wealth and leaving a legacy that outlives our time. IIX Care is not just about prolonging life; it’s about enriching the lives that follow.

Our vision at IIX Care is to be a catalyst for systemic change, supporting and nurturing the systems that define our world as they evolve through this era of transformation. Our commitment goes beyond mere participation – we aim to be trailblazers impacting our communities profoundly and positively. We believe in creating and sustaining generational wealth, not just in monetary terms, but as a holistic concept that includes healthy homes and thriving habitats.

Our mission is to lay the foundation for a future where each generation can build upon the successes and learnings of the previous, ensuring a legacy of health, wealth, and sustainability for years to come.

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IIX Care is a subsidiary company of IIX Holdings, group of companies HQ and Investment holding company.

Our services and investments are based on a foundation of data, network, capital, and technology, built upon more than 400 years of family heritage.

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